Works of Art

Photos will be posted at the end of each class for those wishing to share their talent with family and friends! Feel free to share this website with them so they can see your Works of Art!

UPDATE: 3/29/19 .  WE HAVE NEW WORK!!!! WOW! Scroll down and see what great work everyone has done!

Wow Cally G!  What a lovely painting!  Love your colors!  Excellent job!
X201903 MARY JANE 02
Love, love, love, your colors Mary Jane!  You did a great job!  Your painting is beautiful!
Lee Q, your painting turned out great!  Love the colors, and love how the sky turned out!  Good job!
What a great job Charlotte!  It was so fun watching you explore and grow with your painting!  Keep it up…your painting is lovely!
Yaaa Nancy K!  You did it!  And such a good job…your painting is fantastic!  Love it!
Pam, I know you just started this one, but it’s so good so early on!  It’s going to be even more fantastic!  Good job!
So pretty Cindy B!  Love your Arizona poppies!  What a pleasure you watch you create…and wow, what great mountains!  Good job!


Absolutely fantastic work Henning B!  You really did a fine job on using texture!  Wish the photo did it justice!  Very nice!
Beautiful Arizona sky and sun Mary Jane!  You did a great job blending, and I’m so happy you went BOLD with your colors!
Love your chicken Mary E!  You did a great job with the colors and getting that movement with the feathers!  Great sky!


Aw, Pam M you did an excellent job on your fox!  He has such a sweet face!  And you really got the hang of painting fur!  Good Job!
Wow Bill M!  What a fantastic job on your landscape!  The sky is great and the mountains really appear way in the distance!  Beautiful!


X201902 BARB K
Barb K, you did a fantastic job!  Your sky is beautiful, and the desert shrubs and cacti are perfect!  Your added touch of the flowering saguaro is great!  Really lovely!
X201902 LINDA P 2
Wow Linda P…great job!  Love your bold colors!  You were not afraid to put the color to the canvas!  The blending is great….excellent work!
X201902 TODD H
Todd H, I love your painting!  You did such a good job with the values!  Love the colors!  That water looks so serene…very beautiful!  Excellent work!
X201902 CLAIRE M
What an outstanding job Claire M!  Your sky is great, and the horizon line is just beautiful!  Your agaves are great…and good job on the values!


Wow, Henning!  What a great job!  Love, love, love your bold colors!  Looks like a beautiful Arizona sunset!  Excellent!
X201902 LINDA P
Linda, your adobe is just fantastic!  You did an excellent job on the varying colors…looks like texture!  This is a beautiful painting!
X201902 TORI N
I feel like I could dip my toes in that water Tori!  Your choice of colors is so pretty, and the movement of the water is fantastic!  Whoever gets this is going to love it!
X201902 MARG G
What a super painting Marg!  I just LOVE your stormy looking sky, and then that bright horizon line is fantastic! Love the detail of the desert cacti and shrubs!


x201901 russ s (2)
Russ S, I love this!  Love that sky, the setting sun, and those cactus stickers turned out GREAT!  You just get better and better!  Good job!
x201901 pat t
Wow Pat T!  You did it!  You’ve got that light/dark values thing going on girl!  And you took to COLOR like a duck to water!  No fear, right?!!  Diggin’ that feathery look to your leaves!
x201901 leo n
Leo N, you did a great job the the portrait of your daughter…I’m sure she will be so happy with it!  Your shading is good, her face and proportions are perfect…very good!
x201901 jodi c
Well Jodi C, I didn’t know your chicken could get even better, but it did!  I love it!  Love the colors!  Excellent work!
x201901 alicia c
Chickens!!!  I love them, and I sure love this one Alicia C!  What an outstanding job….as always!  The detail!  Excellent work!
This Happy Cacti is awesome!  The colors POP against the turquoise sky….it really is a wonderful piece!  The highlights, the contrasting colors…..Love it!  Good job!


x201901 donna p
Congratulations Donna P on your fantastic wave!  What outstanding movement and colors!  This is absolutely beautiful!  Love it!


x201901 ann d
Ann D, your painting is excellent!  I LOVE your style, the bold colors…they look lovely together!  Great job!
x201901 jayne b
Outstanding job Jayne B!  Your choice of colors…perfect!  Your use of highlights makes everything POP!  The water looks icy cold, and that hint of emerald green at the skyline is super!
x201901 arlene s
The dramatic sky/cloud colors are stunning Arlene S!  I love all the different colors you put into them!  I see Sedona written all over it!  Great job!
x201901 jodi c 01
Jodi C, I love your chicken!  I really love your style…how free and bright!  Excellent work!
x201901 joan g
Joan G, your desert landscape is beautiful!  You got the perspective perfect!  Love your colors and you really got a handle on using that liner brush!  Great job!
x201901 jodi c 02
The colors are so fantastic Jodi C!  I so love your style…it’s a pleasure to watch you put paint to canvas!  Excellent work!
x201901 laurie w
Laurie W….you did such a nice job on this!  The colors just POP!  Love the background and WOW the ground work you did turned out GREAT!  Good job!
x201901 russ s
Aw Russ S, I LOVE your blue coyote!  His eyes are so sweet…you did a great job on them as well as the whole painting!  It’s fantastic!  Love his face!



X101812 DONNA P
Wow Donna P!  Gorgeous as always!  Love, love, love your bold colors.  Great work!


X20181214 DONNA P 01
It’s a lovely painting Donna P!  Your colors are perfection!  Perspective is right on!  You did a great job!…love it!


X20181205 JOYCE G
Absolutely magical Joyce G!  Love your style, love your colors…it’s a fantastic painting!  This piece is a joy to look at!  Really a great job!
X20181130 DONNA P 01
As always, Donna P, your colors are stunning, and your style is fantastic!  Love the movement and the lively spirit of this piece!  Excellent work!
X20181130 DONNA P 02
WOW!  I absolutely LOVE the vibrant colors!  They complement one another and everything just flows together perfectly!  Love this piece….beautiful!
X20181130 DONNA P 03
The soothing colors of this piece Donna P, makes me want to be there.  It’s lovely!.  The colors are fantastic…in particular the pool of water.  Very nice!


X20181127 LYNN S 01
Outstanding job Lynn S!  LOVE the bold, beautiful colors!  In particular, you captured the eyes…they are looking right at me!  Very good work!

X20181127 RON S 01

Ron S, you did an outstanding job on this painting…it’s beautiful!  You chose great colors that compliment one another.  Your clouds are fantastic!  Very good work!

X20181127 RON S 02
What a great job on the feathers…blended, and very realistic!  Your use of highlights and shadows on the tree limb is very good!  I like the colors and how you did the background.  Good work!


X20181125 CAROLYN B 02
Beautiful Desert Sunrise by Carolyn B!  The soft colors are blended so well…great job!  Very pretty!
X20181125 CAROLYN B 01
Beautiful Desert Sunset by Carolyn B!  Love the bold colors and once again you have blended them so well!  Lovely!  Good job!
X20181124 ROGER S
What a beautiful desert storm Roger S!  LOVE the bold purple sky and the golden highlights are great!  You really blended the colors well….good job!
X20181124 LYNN S
Lynn S you did a fantastic job blending the colors!  Beautiful transition! Your desert background is really nice!  GREAT job!
X20181124 JUDY C
Excellent job Judy C!  Your EXPLOSION of color is beautiful…and you picked just the right bold colors to compliment one another!  Good job!


X20181102 JOYCE G 01
Adorable Joyce G!  LOVE the big guy’s wonderful colors!  Adding the grass really grounded him…good job!  Love his ears!


X20181023 JUDY C 01
How lovely your painting turned out Judy C!  You got that “colors and values” going on girl!  Nice work!  Can’t wait to see your next painting!
X20181023 RUSS S 02
Russ S, I love your bird!!!  And I love the colors you choose!  It’s so great that you are not afraid of bold colors!  Really great painting!  Good job!
X20181023 PAM M 01
You got that blending down Pam M!  Your highlights and shadowing is great!  Good job!  You know my favorite part….the hat!
X20181023 RUSS S 01
Lovely landscape Russ S!  The sun just POPS and you have some shadowing going on!  Nice job!


X20181016 KAREN W 01
What  a lovely painting Karen W!  You captured the shape of the horse, and the colors are FABULOUS!  Your background is beautiful and the highlighting is super!  Really a great job!
X20181016 BECKY C 01
Wow Becky C!  Your Iris’ turned out fantastic!  LOVE your bright, bold colors!  You did an excellent job on the background as well as the flowers!  Very nice work!
X20181016 SUSAN P 01
What a fantastic seascape Susan P!  Beautiful clouds…just perfect!  And your highlighting of the sea water shows such wonderful movement!  Great job!
X20181016 DONNA W 01
An excellent job Donna W!  LOVE your colors! LOVE the movement!  And I like the subtle change in color of your background…there is a warm glow around the horse’s face!  Very nice work!
X20181016 BONNIE M 01
THIS IS SO CUTE!  I like the varying colors of blue in the sky. Makes it interesting!  And the bird…oh my the colors are perfect!  So bright, and the shading and highlighting of the feathers is awesome!  Good job!


X20181009 JIM R 01
Wow Jim R!  Absolutely stunning!!!  I love the bold red/yellow sky!  That pop of yellow you added is perfect!  And the desert silhouette…super!  Great job!
X20181009 LARRY C 01
Larry, what an excellent painting!  The detailing is fantastic…really fine work!  I love how the fins look like they are moving and flowing!  Good job!
X20181009 RUSS S 01
What a beautiful sky!  Your choice of colors is lovely….very soft and good blending of colors!  I also love the misty look to the desert floor!  You did an excellent job!

X20181006 ROXANN 01

How adorable Roxann!  You quail turned out so nice!  The colors and patterns are just great!  Good job!

9/25/18  –  Some work is new; some is now framed!  Check them out!

X20180925 JOYCE G 01
Outstanding work Joyce G!  This is adorable…love the bold colors!  You never cease to amaze me!
X20180925 SHERRY M 01
Wow Sherry M!  I LOVE the colors, and the POP of red and yellow is fantastic!  You did a great job texturing the trees!  Lovely work!
X20180925 ROXANN L 01
And now we have Roxann L’s lovely adobe….framed!  Great choice in frame color…perfect for your painting!  Really accentuates the shadows!  Good job!
X20180925 DONNA P 02
Donna P, you found the perfect frame for your southwest mountains!  Gorgeous!  I think you have perfection here!
X20180925 DONNA P 01
Great choice for your painting Donna P!  Really ties in nicely with the gray clouds!  The detailing on the shrubs and grasses is awesome!  Another success!


X20180922 JOYCE G 01
I can almost smell their fragrance Joyce G!  You did a GREAT job on the petals!  The shadowing and highlighting is super!  Beautiful!
X2018091818 ALICIA C 01
Beautiful, beautiful work Alicia C!  Fantastic job on details!  The hand is so delicate and perfect!  Colors really POP…you always pick great colors!
X2018091818 DONNA P 03
I adore your racoon Donna P!  You do a fantastic job on colors and the detailing on the fur is outstanding!  Great job!  Love it!
X2018091818 ROXANN L 01
Your adobe house is just awesome Roxann L!  You did a great job on the texturing of the brick, and your highlighting is GREAT!  Really fine work!  Whoever gets this beautiful painting should be very happy!  🙂
X2018091818 NANCY K 01 (1)
What a fantastic painting!  Nancy K…you just did everything perfect…from the blending of colors to detailing!  Love the colors you chose!  You did an outstanding job!
X2018091818 DONNA P 01
Donna P….this is a fabulous painting!  From the bright colors that compliment one another to the beautiful shading on the mountains!  Excellent work!  Love it!
X2018091818 ROXANN L 03
Roxanne L, you really changed this painting and what a positive difference!  Love the colors, the detailing, and the shimmer on the water!  Super!
X2018091818 DONNA P 02
Donna P…it was a struggle for a time, but in the end it turned out beautiful!  LOVE the bold colors…the misty look on the mountains…it’s lovely!  Good job!  I love it!
X2018091818 ROXANN L 02
You did a great job on the background…looks like bubbling water!  Love the bold colors!  I love how you have used multiple colors and blended them just right!  I can see at least 6 colors in Mr. Fish!  Excellent!
X2018091818 JOANNA B 01
Joanna B, your texturing is fantastic, and the shadowing and highlighting is GREAT!   The colors you chose are very complimentary.  I like the purple wash…and it looks like you may have used some in the shadows of the greenery as well?  Great job!  Will look fabulous framed!


X20180912 DEANNA B 03
Wow Deanna B!  What a great job overall, but those rocks are really outstanding!
X20180912 DEANNA B 02
Love love love the colors Deanna B!  You really captured the look of a crisp, cool, Fall day!  Lovely!
X20180912 DEANNA B 01
Love a great barn painting, and you nailed it!  Colors, the weathered look, and great sky!  Excellent Deanna B!

X20180911 JOYCE G 01

Love your Man in the Moon Joyce G!  You really got those colors to POP!  Good job….it’s adorable!


X20180409 DONNA P 01
Meet Divot!  Donna P, you have a very handsome pup, and you did an outstanding job with your painting!  What a sweet face!  Excellent!
X20180905 JOYCE G 01
Nice job Joyce G!  You really capture that desert look!  Love the detail you put on all your people…their dress!  Good job!
X20180904 JOYCE G 01
Oh so lovely Joyce G!  Your daughter is going to LOVE it!  I love the soft colors…very tranquil!  Very nice!
X20180905 RUTH C 01
Love your red poppies Ruth C!  And the background colors you chose compliment one another so well!  So pretty….Love it!
X20180905 RUTH C 02
Such a soft and serene painting Ruth C!  You did an excellent job on the clouds and the mountains….love the colors!  So pretty!


X20180828 JOYCE G 01
Wow!  Joyce G…this is so awesome!  You have definitely found your style!  LOVE it!  The colors and detail are excellent!
X20180828 RUTH C 01
Ruth C…I absolutely love it!  Your colors and use of texture is great!  What a stunning piece!  You really did a great job!
X20180828 DONNA P 01
Donna P…what a GREAT piece!  You have this style down pat, and you always choose just the right colors!  Excellent work!
X20180828 DOUG R 01
Another stunning piece Doug R!  The bold colors are PERFECT for the subject!  Really looks like a safari sunset!  Perfect!
X20180828 ALICEA C 01
Oh my goodness Alicea!  You know I love this piece!  I wish people could see it in person.  The camera does NOT do it justice…does not pick up the gold and the sparkles.  Still, even the photo shows how wonderful it is!!!!  Good job!
X20180828 JOYCE G 03
Girl, I love it!  It’s so magical!  From the white swirls to all the wonderful detail!  Love your choice of colors!  Awesome Joyce G!
X20180828 DOUG R 02
Doug R, I do hope you make this your Christmas card this year…it’s adorable!  Love love love it!
X20180828 PAT S 01
Pat S…you REALLY did a great job on this painting! Such pretty colors….I just wish the photo did it justice!  The texturing work you did turned out great!  I love it!
X20180828 ENRICA 04
OMG Enrica!  I LOVE your peacock!  Love the colors you chose, the sponging technique you used…and the JEWELS!  Well, they are the crowning glory!  Excellent job!
X20180828 DONNA P 02
Donna P, your desert sunset is beautiful!  The colors are SO pretty, and I love the brush strokes on your sage bushes and the detailing on the cactus!  Great job!
X20180828 RUTH C 02
Ruth C, you did an outstanding job on so many things!  You know I love the sky; the highlights on the trees, the clarity of the glasses, and the details on the rocks and flowers!  An excellent job!
X20180828 KRIS S 01
Kris S…everyone in class agreed this piece was finished and perfect!  The colors are fantastic!  The movement is fantastic!  It’s just a lovely piece….great job!
X20180828 ENRICA S 02
Enrica S…you always take risks, and it always pays off!  The real sand was an excellent idea for adding texture to your piece!  I love the colors and I love all the details!  Great job!
X20180828 JANET F 01
Now this is an Arizona sunset Janet F!  You have a great sense for just the right colors, and you took to blending like a fish to water!  Your silhouette is excellent!
X20180828 JOYCE G 02
Oh my goodness!  Another excellent piece Joyce G!  I love the whole thing, but what REALLY jumps out are the white feathers (or is that fur?)…that shading is outstanding!  Super job!
X20180828 ENRICA 03
Now this is a unique piece that really evokes some feeling.  The Monk…the color of the sky…to me it’s a truly fascinating piece!  Wow!  Enrica S…really fantastic!
X20180828 ENRICA S 01
I call this “Fantasy Mermaid!”  Enrica S, you have a style…and I like it very much!  Please keep painting!


X20180821 DOUG 4 01
Excellent tree-work Doug R!  Love that beautiful sky peeking through the leaves…the leaves are so nice!  Great job as always!  That’s a perfect color of sky blue!
X20180821 MARIE G 01
Wow, Marie G….what a great sky!  Just like we see in our beautiful Arizona!  Love the colors and you know I love the work you did on the big tree!  Beautiful!
X20180821 KRIS S 01
What great bold colors!  I can almost feel the wind at the beach!  The movement of the sea is awesome Kris S, and you added a lovely focal point!
X20180821 ALICIA 01
Alicia!  How wonderful your painting turned out!  You chose great colors, and the detail work you did on your cacti is fabulous!  Very nice work!!!
X20180821 JANET F 01
No one would guess this is your first painting Janet!  You did an outstanding job!  I love this style…it’s so fun!  Great job!


X20180814 PAT S

Pat S…really outstanding work!  The pots are beautiful AND interesting.  Your ground-work is great…looks like there is a soft breeze blowing through the grass.  Great colors!  LOVELY!

X20180814 KRIS S 01
WOW!  This is really a lovely painting Kris S.  I LOVE your color choices.  Your shading on the mountains is awesome…and those beautiful splashes of highlighting are perfect!  Good job!
X20180814 ENRICA S 01
Enrica S…you did a great job on this painting!  I know how hard it is to get that mystical look and you’ve really captured it!  EXCELLENT!
X20180814 JOANNA 01
Joanna B!  Your cactus is really great…the color, the shading…those bulbs!  Really excellent work!  I LOVE the contrast between the cactus and your background.  Same colors, but different texture!
X20180814 MARIE G 01
Wow Marie G!  What started out as a challenge turned into a fabulous piece!  You really tackled those colors and brought it home!  EXCELLENT!
X20180814 STEVE S 01
Steve S….your best piece yet!  Love the variations of red, especially how your horizon line is lighter…red, orange and almost yellow!  Your detail work is GREAT!  Good job!
X20180814 KRIS S 02
I love these chicken feet in the garden!  🙂  Lynn I know you were practicing with the fan brush, but in your practice, you created something beautiful!  You put just the right colors together to make a lovely, beautiful, happy garden!
X20180814 ENRICA S 02
Love the colors Enrica S!  And you captured the movement of the rain and her skirt BEAUTIFULLY!  Good job!


X20180807 MARIE G 01
What a lovely painting Marie G!  Excellent shading…I feel I could reach out and touch it!  Good job!
X20180807 ENRICA S 01
I love your choice of colors Enrica S!!!  So joyful!  The rose pink color is excellent!  Very nice!
X20180807 DOUG R 01
Another wonderful painting Doug R!  You’ve mastered the blending of colors!  Good job!
X20180807 ENRICA S 02
You did a great job on both the sky and the mountains Enrica!  Love your sky colors!  Good shading on the mountains!
X20180807 MARIE G 02
Absolutely beautiful!  LOVE the bold colors, and that pop of yellow is awesome!  And I love the pop of blue!  Good job Marie G!
X20180807 PAT S 01
Such a lovely painting Pat S!  Ethereal….you did a great job!


X20180731 Joyce 01
WOW!  This is an amazing painting!  Absolutely beautiful!  Your colors and style is excellent!  Great job Joyce!
X20180731 Pat 01
Lovely, lovely, lovely!  Pat, you did a fantastic job on this painting!  Your choice of colors is perfect…and your detail is awesome!  Great job!
X20180731 Karen 01
Karen!  You always do such a fantastic job on texture!  Your mountains are wonderful…the rocks are great….and the waterfall is perfect!  Great job!
X20180731 Marie G 01
What a perfect adobe house Marie!  Colors = perfect! Detailing = Perfect!  Great job on the trees and shrubs!  Love it!
X20180731 Doug 01
Doug!  I love your painting….my camera skill failed to capture it as it should!  But even with my focus fail, your painting is wonderful!  LOVE the sky, the colors, it’s just awesome!  Let’s take another pic!
X20180731 Kris S 01
Excellent work Kris!  I can feel the coolness of the mountains just looking at this!  You did an excellent job on the shadowing of the mountains! I love your work on the trees and really diggin’ the shoreline!  Great job!
X20180731 Roxann 03
Oh Roxann, what an excellent sky!  Love how you blended the colors!  You lightened the sky where it meets the earth….exactly right!  And that’s a lot of detail on the tree!  Great job!
X20180731 Doug 02
Looking at this painting makes me want to tell a  story!  Love it Doug!  Love the colors and how you’re blending them!  That touch of moon peeking out…awesome!  Man on a Bench!  Great job!
X20180731 Roxann 02
Another awesome sky Roxann!  Your blending of colors is great!  And the way you applied the colors….wow…I can see so many different clouds!  Good job!
X20180731 Kris S 03
Ahhh, this painting give such great vibes of tranquility!  Everything about this painting is excellent!  Great job Kris!
X20180731 Roxann 01
How adorable is this!!!!  Roxann, this is a joyful, fun painting!  It’s so great to see someone embrace color as you have in all your work!  Love it!
X20180731 Kris S 02
Wow!  For me, I see a storm brewing in those excellent clouds!  Kris, you did a fantastic job on the entire painting!  Really fine work!
X20180731 Joanna 01
Joanna….what a sky!!!  Really great clouds!  LOVE the colors…bold and beautiful!  Great job on the sand and grass too!  It’s a lovely painting.


X201807 KATHY W 01
Excellent Kathy W!  Great bold colors, and love how you did the moon and highlights on the water!  Good job!
X20180717 ROXANN L 01
Excellent work Roxann L!  Love the movement your bold colors show!  Just super!  Good job!
X20180717 LAURA S 01
Laura S!  You did an excellent job with the texture, the shadowing, the highlighting!  LOVE how you worked in the “aging” colors on the wall!  Beautiful!
X20180717 DONNA P 02
WOW Donna P!  I LOVE this!  You completely captured the values!  Colors are great!  Excellent work!
X20180717 MARIE G 01
Marie G, your abstract work is excellent!  Love your use of color…they compliment one another perfectly!  Very, very nice!
X20180717 JOYCE G 02
Joyce G, I LOVE the detailing in her clothes!  Your choice of colors is always right on!  That yellow screams HOT!
X20180717 JOYCE G 04
Joyce G, your witch is awesome!  Once again…your colors are great and the movement created is super!
X20180717 STEVE S 01
Steve S!  You did an excellent job!  First painting is a complete success!  Your sky is wonderful…and what a bold setting sun!  Love it!
X20180717 ENRICAS 01
Enrica S, your Kokopelli turned out perfect!  The texturing and gold/bronze paint makes him look like it’s hammered metal!  What a great job!
X20180717 KRIS S 01
LOVE your night sky full of stars Kris S!  And your choice of colors is fabulous!  This is a really pretty piece!  Good job!
X20180717 JOYCE G 03
Joyce G…I love your style!  Excellent choice of colors, and I love the movement the birds add to the painting!
X20180717 JOYCE G 01
Adorable Joyce G!  The way you add detail is super!  Love her dress, and love what you did to the sky…I see “heat” radiating!  Good job!
X20180717 DONNA P 01
Donna P, I LOVE how you use color!  Your work is always stellar!  Adorable little owl!  Good job!



X20180710 DOUG R 02
Doug R…I think this is your best work yet!  Reminds me of northern lights, or aurora borealis!  Excellent!
X20180710 DONNA P 03
Donna P….absolutely gorgeous!  It is perfection!  Great work!
X20180710 LYNN B 01
Lynn B, your clouds are perfect!  You’ve captured monsoon on canvas!  Excellent work!
X20180710 MARIE G 01
Marie G, you captured that agave perfectly!  Love the colors, the shading…it’s awesome!
X20180710 JOANNA B 01
Joanna B!  Your shadowing is excellent!  Good job on the mountains, and great cacti!  Love your colors!
X20180710 ENRICA S 01
Happy Flowers Enrica S!  You did an excellent job with colors and really love the sponge-effect on the background!  Good job!  Can’t wait to see your Kokopelli!
X20180710 MARY S 01
Mary, Mary, Mary S….you always do such bold, beautiful colors!  Love it!  And you got that wispy effect on the clouds!  Very nice!
X20180710 DONNA P 01
Donna P….love your bear!  The colors!  The eyes!  It is just great!  Very good job!
X20180710 PAT S 02
Pat S…this painting is lovely!  You absolutely got everything in perspective!  Was so fun watching you put this together!  Very nice!
X20180710 JOYCE G 03
Joyce G…love your Koi!  You got the movement going on and love the colors!  The blues are awesome behind the fish…really sets it off!  Good job!
X20180710 DONNA P 02
Donna P…so pretty!  I love the sky behind the trees…you chose just the right shade of blue!  Good job on the trees…I feel like I’m strolling through the woods!
X20180719 DOUG R 01
Doug R, this is so cool!  I feel like I’m watching a shooting star through space with the hint of moon in the bottom left.  Awesome!
X20180710 DEANNA B 01
Deanna B!  LOVE the bold colors!  Great job on the entire painting, but I’m really diggin’ that sky!  Lovely!
X20180710 JOYCE G 01
Joyce G….wow, you do a great job showing movement in your work!  Very nice!  Love the colors!  Monsoon?  🙂
X20180710 JOYCE G 02
Joyce G!  I love how you work the color in your paintings!  Look at those tail feathers! You’re really doing great with acrylic paint!


X201806 CHRISTY O 02
Wow!  Christy O, you did an outstanding job!  Captured the shading and highlighting!  Just beautiful!
X201807 JOYCE G 08
Joyce G….LOVE the colors!  You’ve stepped up your game!  Very nice!
X201807 PAT S 04
Very nice work Pat S!  Your background color is so pretty with the different shades of turquoise!  Love the texture on your flowers!  Good job!
X201807 PAT S 03
How cute your girly chicken will look  next to your Rooster!  Pat S, they are adorable!  Great work on the sky!
X201807 JOYCE G 06
I see Safari Joyce G!  Really a nice piece!  And I think your giraffe is perfect!
X201807 JOYCE G 07
Outstanding Joyce G!  LOVE everything about it!  Perfection!
X201807 JOYCE G 04
Joyce G…I look at this and immediately relax!  So tranquil with the cool colors!  Nice job!
X201807 DOUG R 04
Doug R!  You’re killing it with the bold colored skies you’re doing!  LOVE it!
X201807 DOUG R 03
Wow Doug R!  I see an Arizona meteor shower!  I’m diggin’ the movement of the stars!  Great job!


June – 2018 Class….

X201806 JOYCE G 05
Joyce G your use of texture is great, and love the detail on the buds!  And of course we both love the extra “sparkle” on your flowers!  Good job!
X201806 PHYLLIS H 05
Beautiful work Phyllis!  What an outstanding job!  Love the texture and how you warmed up your background!  Would love to see what frame you pick!
X201806 PAT S 02
Now that’s a great rooster Pat!  LOVE the colors on both the chicken AND your background!  Can’t wait to see his partner!  Good job!
X201806 KATHY D 03
Kathy D…just lovely!  Love the colors, your shading…it’s a beautiful painting!  Good work!!!
X201806 KAREN W 01
I love this!  Kathy W  you did an outstanding job!  The colors and highlights are super!  Keep painting!
X201806 KAREN S 03
Karen S…that is one happy rooster and I love him!  He looks like he is strutting!  Love the colors, especially his tail feathers!  Good job!
X201806 KAREN S 02
I see the Red Rocks of Sedona!  So pretty Karen S!  The texturing you did really enhances the painting.  Good job!
X201806 DOUG R 05
Wow Doug R!  Your sunflower is so pretty!  You did a fantastic job on it AND the background!  Excellent!
X201806 DOUG R 04
Doug R…this is awesome!  I love your style and your sense of color!  Beautiful!
X201806 DOUG R 03
Look at that movement!  And the colors!  Good work Doug R!  Love it!  Can’t wait to see what you do next!
X201806 BELINDA B 03
Belinda B….this is a lovely painting!  Your shading is awesome and your peach could not be more perfect!  Wow!
X201806 BELINDA B 02
I LOVE the translucent look of the petals!  Your highlighting is great!  Good job Belinda B!
X201805 SARAH 02
Another fantastic job Sarah H!  Your fox..his eyes!  Every time I look at him, I wonder what he’s thinking!!!  He is adorable!  Good job!
X201805 CHRISTYO 01
Christy O…your painting turned out so beautiful!  Love the sky, the rocks, the flowers…looking at it brings a sense of tranquility.  Keep painting!  Good job!
X201806 JOYCE G 03
Joyce G, your colors come through with JOY in everything you do!  Good job!
X201806 DOUG R 02
Doug R, I think your fish is smiling!  I know I am!  Love the colors and the movement!  Good job!
X201806 KATHY D 02
Kathy D….Such happy cacti!  LOVE your colors and the detail is fabulous!  Excellent job!
X201806 LUPE R 02
Lupe, your work is fabulous!  Love the rich colors!  Beautiful!
X201806 RUTH C 01
Ruth C’s giraffe!!!  Is this adorable?  Why yes, yes it is!  Love it and love the colors!!!
X201806 PAT S 01
Pat S…you did an excellent job!  Love your rich colors…the sky is outstanding!
X201806 PHYLLIS H 04
Phyllis H…your work always brings a sense of serenity!  The cool, soft colors are lovely!
X201806 JOYCE G 04
Joyce G!  Love your hat!  And the texturing of the flower just makes it pop!  Makes me smile!
X201806 JOYCE M 01
Joyce M!  Your mountains are great, and the detailing to the desert plants…WOW!  Look at your clouds!  They turned out great!  Good job!
X201806 BELINDA B 01
Belinda B, your cactus flower turned out lovely!  And you did an EXCELLENT job shading and detailing the cactus!  Nice work!
X201806 LUPE
Lupe, I see lovely sailboats on beautiful blue water!  Your work is SO beautiful!  Love it!
X201806 DOUG
Doug R…your sky is BEAUTIFUL!  Love the rich colors and how you transitioned them!  Good job!
X201806 CCC
Joyce G!  This one is adorable!  Those eyes!  That’s one happy pup!  Good job!
Phyllis H…this is a mystically, magical piece of work…full of movement!  Good job!  Love the colors!
X201806 BBB
Joyce G…I love it!  Happy Gecko!  You captured him perfectly and chose the perfect colors!  Good job!
Phyllis H.  Another very soft and serene painting.  Love the detailing on the leaves!  So pretty!
X201806 AAA
Kathy D!  You did an OUTSTANDING job on the entire painting, but I particularly like what you did on the background!  Good job!
Phyllis….this is WOW!  What can I say!  Excellent colors and shading!  Good job!

May – 2018 Class….

X201805 SARAH

Wow!  Excellent job Sarah!  Our very first Work of Art from our May 2018 Class!  I love it!  You did a fantastic job on the colors!

X1201805 MARY

Daydreaming comes easy looking at your cloud Mary!  Beautiful!  Love all the colors you put in it…good eye!  Great job!

X201805 KAREN

Love your cool sky and Fall colors Karen!  You did an excellent job with the texture!

X201805 KRIS

Outstanding job Kris!  Love, love, love your colors!  They are so soothing and soft!

X201805 BARB

Your painting looks so bright and happy Barb!  I love the style…and the choice of colors!  You really did a good job!

June!  Love your rooster and what you did with the barn!  Your colors are so bright and pretty!  X201805 JUNE